Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gingersnap Creations Design Team

You may have noticed the Gingersnap Creations Member logo in my sidebar for the last several weeks. I was so excited when I discovered this wonderful challenge blog, created by the team of Ali Manning and Sharon Briss. Not only are these two ladies extraordinarily talented, but they share their talents and resources through detailed tutorials, a wonderfully organized yahoo group with extensive lists of sources, fun challenges that actually run long enough for even ME to be able to participate in time (LOL!!), and of course, lots of beautiful and inspiring artwork. And the unofficial motto over there... "no stress." Gotta love THAT! Well.... I was so impressed by Gingersnap Creations that when the call came out, I applied for a design team position, and guess what? They have graciously accepted me onto the team for the current 6-month term (didn't see that one coming, did ya?). But that's not the half of it.... look closely at that gossip mag above, and you will see not just me, but nine amazingly talented ladies whose company I am truly honored to be in! (Sharon put that together.... see, I told you she was talented :).) So hop on over to Gingersnap Creations, and then maybe you'd like to take a tour of these gals' blogs. Here's a list, you won't be sorry you visited! Have a wonderful night, and I will have a little sneaky peeky of something for you very soon.....

The Creative Founders:
Alison Manning
Sharon Briss

The New Design Team:
Debby Boltman
Jo Capper-Sandon
Elina Koutsouradi
Laura Liddell
Hels Sheridan
Lynn Stevens (contributing artist)
Erika Taylor
Joanne Wardle
Paula Whittaker


Lottie said...

These are all wonderful artists and their work is magnificent

Jo Capper-Sandon said...


Hels Sheridan said...

Congrats is so exciting isn't it? :O)) said...

I am so happy I will be working with you!! It is all so exciting!! I love your work!

Shar B said...

I can't wait to work with you over the coming months, Jean! Thanks for becoming part of our team over at Gingersnap Creations!

Ali Manning said...

Congrats Jean! I'm so happy that you have joined us. You are one talented lady and your work is so beautiful. Welome!

Suzie said...

All you ladies are so talented. Congratulations on become a DT member. Look forward to all you have to offer.

Lynn Stevens said...

So looking forward to designing together! :0) Your work is an inspiration!