Friday, July 13, 2012

Beach Vacation Bookmarks at Rogue

Hello - long, long, looooong time not blogging for me!  Life has been extremely busy - ALL GOOD - and blogging has taken a back seat to lots of other activities.  A wonderful beach vacation at the North Carolina shore, lots of sporting activities with the kids, and the design of our new house!  We had been in contract negotiations for several weeks, then in the design phase for a few months, and now things are finally starting to happen, so it's very exciting.  The only downside was that I poured all of my design mojo into the house plans, and not much at all into crafting!  But now hopefully.... it won't be soooo long before my next post, LOL!

I've got a little set of bookmarks featuring Rogue Redhead Designs' Beach Babes set and some of my vacation photos (from this year and last).  A little combo of my fave hobbies, you might say.  You can check out the Rogue Redhead Design blog HERE.

And, I'm thrilled to say, that the recent issue of Stampington's Catch-Up Issue featured a little piece I did with another Rogue Redhead set, Relish Reading....  that's my balloon piece on the right:

I hope you're all having a wonderful summer!  My kids are back in school - both in middle school now - so we are back to our regular routine.  Vacation is so sweet, and always so short.  But perhaps now more time for getting inky. ;)