Thursday, September 20, 2012

More Oxford Impressions

And today for something completely different .... a feminine take from the Abraham Lincoln stamp set!  This first card I wanted to do in the style of vintage sheet music covers.  I've collected, oh, maybe a few hundred of these, so it's no surprise that I found my muse in them for this project.  Yes, I'm taking liberties with history, but I just loved the mix of girly images.

Another little lady from the set.  I stamped her and cut her out, then pasted her strategically on some 6x6 Webster's paper, which was the perfect scale.  I also love the patterns that are on the backs of these papers, they mix together so effortlessly.

Hope you all have a wonderful evening!

1 comment:

butterfly said...

What a great card! I'm very excited (but also slightly dismayed at my lack of willpower) having just ordered my first Oxford Impressions stamps today. You and Lynne between you have tipped the balance... I couldn't hold out any longer!
Alison x