Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Madness 3-Day Sale at Cornish Heritage Farms

It's been a crazy (but wonderful) week in our household.... On Tuesday, I got to attend a London Philharmonic Orchestra performance at a local university, featuring a phenomenal young violinist (Yossif Ivanov) AND my husband's uncle playing principal bassoon.  My son's hockey team won their tournament semi-finals game on Wednesday, and so they are playing in the finals on Friday night.  My mother-in-law is also arriving Friday from Buffalo.  My daughter is singing at school tonight.  And I have no time to craft!  Please bear with me during this week of sparse posts!  I will get into full swing.... sometime next week.
But in the mean time, I can give you a little enabling, in case you didn't already get some in the Cornish Heritage Farms newsletter.  Here are the details on a 3-day sale starting today:

This Thursday, Friday & Saturday (March 4th thru 6th) for every Backgounder or Scrapblock you purchase, you will get a second one of the same value for 1/2 price. So, say you purchase the Trees Backgrounder on Cling Cushion for $11.99 then you add the Paisley Backgrounder on Cling to your cart.  You will see (on the last page of the checkout before you finalize payment) $6 off your total. Add four and you will see $12 off, etc.

This is a great sale so don't miss out. Shop for all those Backgrounders & Scrapblocks that have been on your WishList for a while.
:-)   ONLINE orders only - no exceptions!  On the card above, I've used the Aged Sheet Music Scrapblock to make the patterned paper on the top.  I just LOVE the Scrapblocks because they are 6 x 6 - plenty big enough to make a card in either landscape or portrait orientation, plus you can easily align four stamped images on a 12 x 12 piece of cardstock to make your own patterned paper for scrapbooking.

Here's another card I made, using the Crossword Scrapblock.  I stamped it on several different patterned papers, then cut out sections of the crossword from each one, and pieced them back together.
It's time to slide on into the weekend.... hope everyone has a great one!


Shar B said...

Both are fab! Love the bird card, simply stunning!

Hearts Turned said...

Adorable card, Jean! Thanks for the enabling--like I need help!

Sounds like things are pretty exciting at your house! Enjoy it all and have fun!

Susan (rainy) said...

Two wonderful cards! The first is so elegant. And on the second I love how you paper pieced on the crossword.

Hels Sheridan said...

Gorgeous cards them both x

Debby said...

I purchased the SOTM I love it! I'm still playing with it. this is gorgeous! I love love love love the crossward. You are so innovative and creative.